National Institute for Health Research

Islamic Repulic of IRAN


About us


The Iranian National Institute of Health Research is a nationwide institution established to watch out health status, as well as production and promotion of employing scientific evidence required for health planners and policy-makers in order to make scientific cooperation between similar domestic and foreign organizations, networking, and empowering researchers and policy-makers to meet the needs of health system as well as its main client the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education through the management of cross-national evidence production process. Research and analytical reports on the national health system, evidence employed in policies and the outcomes, annual report of national health status, and databases constitute the products of the institute. 

Looking through the institute mission toward achieving the target community set in the 5-year perspective, the institute aims at being recognized as the main reference and consultant for the provision of scientific evidence for the health policymakers at national and regional levels and through which aid the executives to achieve a healthy community.

The institute values include belief in the supreme Islamic and human values, laws, meritocracy, ethics, and spiritual rights in the production and publication of evidence, lack of conflict of interests, timely participation of beneficiaries, promotion of equity in health, satisfaction of service recipients (responding to people and supervising organizations), staff satisfaction, efficacy and transparency in using resources, priority for public health promotion, paying attention to the social determinants of health, creating competition and transparency in outsourcing, continuous organizational excellence, collaborative and scientific management of the institute.