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Knowledge Translation

Knowledge translation

One of the main roles of the National Institute of Health Research, as a science-oriented organization, is to facilitate and strengthen the relationship between knowledge producers and the decision-makers. Hence, one of the main approaches of the institute is to desirably apply its research projects in practice, and does not merely limit to the distribution of scientific and practical knowledge, and/or publication of literature . The evidence produced by the researchers should be reached to the hand of policy- and decision-makers as well as audiences and beneficiaries and the study results become practical in the community, instead of merely reporting.  

The KTE Unit Goals
•    To transfer the knowledge produced by the research projects of the Institute.
•    To apply knowledge evidence results from the research projects.
•    To Increase the interaction between knowledge producers and decision-makers.

How is to provide the KTE of each project to the institute? 
To achieve the aforementioned goals, the projects conducted by the National Institute of Health Research should offer a brief of the results (Figure 1-3) as well as the certificate of paper acceptance by Hakim Research Journal to the KTE unit of the institute; accordingly, the project is ended in the National Institute of Health Research.
Moreover, based on the opinion of the KTE council, it may seem necessary to hold a seminar and expert meeting, interview with mass media, and write to beneficiaries in the research projects associated with the strategies of the National Institute of Health Research, although they should also offer a brief of results and the paper acceptance certificate provided by the Hakim Research Journal; the performer  will be in charge of this.